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 Bookstore Ciela - Festival and Congress Centre - Varna  

The biggest bookstore in North-East Bulgaria
coffee bar into the space of the bookstore

Working hours 9.30 AM - 9 PM
Tel.: +359/87-920-76-83

Ciela was established in January 1991 as a business consulting company and a publishing house for publications in the field of law. Ciela now has almost 20 years of experience and is a leading publishing house and one of the biggest developers of software in the law and busyness areas.

Ciela has its own printing house and publishes more than 250 new titles per year - textbooks and training aids, dictionaries, collections of normative acts and court practices, monographs and studies, fiction books. Ciela Norma is the biggest publisher of Bulgarian authors and academic literature. Ciela is the leading company in the field of law and information systems that are used by the government and the state administration, as well as private companies and businesses.

Ciela has developed 15 information products, maintaining current and archive normative documents from the Bulgarian legislation, administrative procedures, Europian legislation, translations of the legislative framework in English and Russian languages, as well as products specializing in different areas - accountancy, taxes, insurance, construction, customs and currency regulations, energy sector, education, etc. Different options of using the products give our clients quick and easy access to the needed information trough installation on their PCs, direct internet access or from our server, or a desktop installation of the system.

Since 2006 CIELA became a software services provider and developer. In 2006-2007 the company created the “National Educational Gateway” under a procurement of the Ministry of the Education and Science. In 2007 Ciela successfully fulfilled its obligations to the project “Developing and Operation of the Pilot Integrative system of Electronic District”. This project is a part of creating electronic government of The Republic of Bulgaria. In 2008 “Voice Recognition of Bulgarian Language” system was developed in coordination with scientists from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Ciela Norma is engaged with all big projects for the development of Bulgarian electronic government, including Integration System for the Electronic Government, Portal of the National Company Registry, Digitalization of the National Company Registry, Portal and Database for Distribution of the Verdicts of the Bulgarian Courts, Human Resource Management System for the Judiciary, Management System for the Judiciary System Experts, etc.

Ciela maintains a chain of specialized legal literature bookshops in the largest Bulgarian cities. In 2006 CIELA launched the setting up of its chain of large universal bookshops. Ciela became an official for partner of the Publicworld chain.

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