1. Iglika Triffonova - Bulgaria

Iglika Triffonova is Bulgarian Cinema and Theater director. In 1982, she graduated from Film and TV directing at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Art in the class of Georgi Djulgerov and Mladen Kiselov. She began her career as a director of documentaries. From this period are the films: "Year of our Lord 1990" (1990), awarded with the first prize at the festival "With Future" in Berlin; "Possible Distances" (1992); the film won the prize of the festival of documentary cinema in Moldova; "Stories of Murder" (1993); the film won Golden Rose Award at National Film Festival; "Portrait of an Actress" (1994); "On the Road" (1995). Moreover Triffonova worked as an assistant to Georgi Djulgerov and Rangel Valchanov. In 2001 she debuted in feature film as a director and screenwriter of the film "Letter to America" (Nominated for 73-the Annual Awards of the American Film Academy ). In 2003 she directed in the Drama Theater play "Fans" written by Elin Rahnev specifically for Hristo Garbov and Valentin Tanev. In 2006 the movie "Investigation" received the Special Jury Award at the National Film Festival "Golden Rose" in Varna, the Critics Award, the Prize for Best Actor (for Krasimir Dokov), Award for Cinematography (for Rally Raltchev). Bulgarian director Iglika Triffonova won the prize Best Scenario in Central and Eastern Europe of the Cannes Film Festival 2011. She received the award "Krzysztof Kieslowski" at a ceremony for "False Witness". The newest film of Iglika Triffonova "The Prosecutor, Defender, the Father and his Son" opened the 20-th edition of "Sofia Film Fest". In an actual case of the International Criminal Tribunal for the war in the former Yugoslavia, she tells the story of a Serbian child convicted of involvement in war crimes in Bosnia, who has to testify at The Hague against senior Serb military. Cast included French actress Romane Bohringer ("Wild Nights", "Total Eclipse", "Apartment", "Vic and Flo saw bear"), and the Bergman's last favorite actor Samuel Fröler.


2. Jesper Andersen - Denmark

Jesper Andersen is a Master of Arts and has been with the Danish Film Institute since 1990 and as curator at the DFI/Cinematheque in Copenhagen from 1998.

He has also worked as film consultant for the Nordic Council of Ministers and has written extensively on Danish, Scandinavian and international cinema and film culture. He is the director of the festival East by Southeast, which focuses on Central and Eastern European cinema.


3. Igor Kobileanski - Moldova

Igor Cobileanski is from Moldova. He is a director and writer, known for La limita de jos a cerului (2013), Afacerea Est (2016) and Cind se stinge lumina (2006).

4. Csaba Fazekas - Hungary

Csaba Fazekas was born in 1973 and always wanted to work as afilmmaker. Directing seemed to be the right choice for him as aftergraduating at the Hungarian Film Academy- he won the Prize for Best Debut for his first feature film comedy /Happy Birthday!/ at the Hungarian Film Week. Since 2004 he’s been working as a freelance director on TV commercials. He is known for his work on Boldog születésnapot! (2003), Swing (2014) and Spíler (1997).

Education: Academy of Drama and Film, Budapest, AkademieDer Künste, Berlin


5. Kirill Razlogov - Russia


Kirill Razlogov is a Russian film critic and cultural studies. President of the Russian Guild of Film Critics (from March 2015).
He was the director of the Russian Institute for Cultural Research (1989-2013). He is an author and the host of Cult Cinema, a program on TV channel 
Russia-K. He is also the author of fourteen books and about 600 scientific papers on the history of art and cinema, different cultural issues.

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1. Александър Кот – Русия, председател
Режисьор и сценарист. Неговият филм „ Изпитание” (2014) бе удостоен с Голямата награда „Златна Афродита” на XXІІІ фестивал „Любовта е лудост” 2015. 

Aleksandr Kott was born on February 22, 1973 in Moscow, RSFSR, USSR as Aleksandr Konstantinovich Kott. He is a director and writer, known for Brestskaya krepost (2010), Ispytanie (2014) and Insayt (2015).

2. Харутюн Хачатрян - Армения
Филмов режисьор и продуцент. Народен артист на Армения. Действителен член на Европейската филмова академия. Съосновател и генерален директор на Международния филмов фестивал „Златна кайсия” в Ереван.

Harutyun Khachatryan was born on January 9, 1955 in Akhalkalak (Georgian SSR, now Georgia). 1981 the future director graduated from the Film Department of Cultural Faculty of the Armenian State Pedagogical Institute in Yerevan, Armenia. Worked as an assistant director and film-director at the Armenian Documentary Studio and later - at Hayfilm/Armenfilm Studio. 2003 Kachatryan was awarded by State Premium of Armenia and became Meritorious Artiste of Republic of Armenia.

3. Микеланджело Месина - Италия
Продуцент, журналист и преподавател в няколко италиански университета. Артистичен директор на кинофестивала в Ишия. Член на Борда на Италианските кинофестивали.

Michelangelo Messina is a film organizer and a Location Manager for the Islands in the bay of Naples, Ischia, Procida and Capri. A lover of theater and cinema. Born in Ischia, after his studies between Italy and New York has lived for several years in Germany. He set up several theater productions between Ischia and Rome until 1992 and made an active contribution to all the film and television productions which took place in the islands of the Bay of Naples. From 1996 he began to work in film as a location manager and director of production. He assisted several film productions both Italian and international. It is from this background that after a few years and substantial research into the area that in 2003 the idea of creating a festival dedicated to locations came to fruition. After the first 2 editions of the Ischia Film Festival, which immediately caught the attention of the press and the institutions active in the sector, he also decided to create a market dedicated to the relationship between film productions and their "locations". He then became general manager of the International Movie Tourism Exchange (BICT) which today represents the only European market dedicated to this market sector.

4. Мигел Барос - Испания
Филмов режисьор, сценарист, журналист и фотограф. Негови филми са награждавани на различни международни кинофестивали, а снимките му са публикувани във влиятелни световни издания.

Miguel Barros is an assistant director and writer, known for Блекторн (2011), Nadie quiere la noche (2015) and Los sin tierra (2004)
5. Ернестина Шинова- България
Театрална и филмова актриса. Завършила НАТФИЗ „Кръстьо Сарафов”. По-късно специализира актьорско майсторство в Италия в „Belle Arti”. Играе на сцената на различни театри, снима се във филми и ТВ шоу програми.



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