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The beginning of this today’s prestigious event of the seventh art – The International Film Festival Love is Folly was placed at the very dawn of the democratic changes in our country in 1993. Festival’s main achievement is that despite all the difficulties in its way, it consistently worked and continues to work for the development of Bulgarian culture in their spirit.

For years Love is Folly was the only international film festival, taking place in Bulgaria and until recently - the only one with feature film contest. Now we can proudly say that Love is Folly is the doyen of the international film festivals with Bulgarian address. Annually more than 90 feature film titles are included in its program, which comprises an international competition /12 films produced in the last two years/, film panoramas, internationally awarded movies, the hottest upcoming hits, movies of individual authors, schools, trends and national cinematography, retrospectives of Bulgarian cinema.

Each edition of the festival is visited by over 200 guests, including the elite of the Bulgarian cinema and prominent international artists, film critics and film journalists. Traditionally more than 50 leading Bulgarian press media are accredited to the festival.

The founder and organizer of the film forum The Festival and Congress centre in Varna has managed through its membership in Europa Cinemas chain, and convention organizations like ICCA, ECM and AIPC, to create for IFF Love is Folly respected European lobby and has increased its prestige internationally to great height.



Vezhdi Rashidov Minister of Culture

It is my pleasure to welcome you on the occasion of the opening of the doyen of the International Film Festivals with a Bulgarian address - the 24th edition of IFF “Love is Folly” 2016. With over 200,000 visitors and more than 1,000 screened films over the years, this festival managed to undoubtedly establish itself as an important international forum in the field of film art with prestige and authority not only at home but worldwide.
Owing to the efforts of the organisers, the Festival and Congress Centre in our Sea Capital will be a welcoming environment for the competition programme of the Forum, for film panoramas of movies awarded at the most prestigious film festivals in the world, for the hottest upcoming hits, for feature films of individual authors, schools, trends and national cinematography, retrospectives of the Bulgarian cinema.
This unique festival is also a wonderful chance to share with the world the Bulgarian experience and creative searches, to establish useful future contacts and master best practices in the creation, distribution and promotion of Seventh Art products.
My congratulations to the organisers for having especially included in the programme two documentaries dedicated to the actress Ginka Stancheva and the beloved actor, director and my colleague artist Ivan Andonov. I am also glad that the great Bulgarian director Lyudmil Kirkov continues to live in our hearts thanks to the Festival.
I wish you all a pleasant viewing! I am convinced that this Festival, again, will be a real feast for the movie fans and that in the beautiful summer days the movies will touch the hearts of viewers and make them fall in love with Life again.
May “Love is Folly continue to be an opportunity for meetings in our Sea Capital of the most valuable works of the national and world cinema!

Toshko Gyaurov
Manager of the Festival and Congress Centre

 The Festival and Congress Centre welcomes you for the twenty-fourth time. Let both the festival and the love folly be part of the charm of those summer days and nights in which the magic called "Cinema" gives us warmth, kindness and tenderness, and longing for romance. What is a festival without its audience? What is art without fans? A handful of dust, a forgotten silhouette, deleted memory. Cinema is history in which the characters, the camera movements, the dynamics of feelings strongly excite us, creating in us unforgettable emotions.
We hope that this year's International Film Festival "Love is Folly" will enchant you with its beautiful movies because the festival program comprises interesting and provocative contest film proposals, and the parallel programs will once again bring together the best of the world film festivals. We have prepared interesting supporting program with concerts and culinary surprises. We wish you an unforgettable journey into the world of our love folly!
Be in love because as Shakespeare said: "Only the people in love live, others just exist."

Ivan Portnih
Mayor of Varna

It is with great honour to extend my sincere congratulations to all participants and organisers of the International Film Festival “LOVE IS FOLLY”, which once again will transform Varna into a city where the most romantic films meet! Founded in 1993, the IFF has not only strengthened its position amongst the European film festivals, but has also become an event developing and promoting Bulgarian film industry and arts! It is great honour to the Sea Capital of Bulgaria that “LOVE IS FOLLY” is already an integral part of the rich summer cultural programme of the city of Varna!
I am convinced that the forthcoming 24th edition will again impress cinema connoisseurs with an interesting programme with a rich selection of the best film titles. It will be an inspiration, enchantment and excitement!
Good Luck!

Prof. Alexander Grozev Art Director

Only a few days keep us apart from leafing through yet another page of the long history of our festival. We continue to believe in the vitality of this holiday of ours which creates positive emotions and cheerful mood in the audience.
For the 24th time, "Love is Folly" offers an insight into contemporary cinema, which is dominated by noble ideas, real stories, and just causes. Cinema has a way of resisting banality and defying brutality in life and human relationships. We do not turn our backs on tradition nor on our effort to seek out the most valuable in what wide range of genres and subject matters can offer. The competition program, as well as the several accompanying panoramas, include films from all continents. They offer a solid idea of the current trends in world cinema, as well as what the new generation of filmmakers is interested in and moved by today.
As always, we pay special attention to Bulgarian cinema and its prominent artists and historical heritage. The actress Dorothea Tontcheva is the latest winner of the award for contribution to the development of film art. We will also honor film director Hristo Hristov with a specially curated selection of his most significant films. For the first time, we will offer documentary portraits of personalities who left a significant trace in the development of our cinema - Ginka Stancheva, Lyudmil Kirkov, Ivan Andonov. The festival will bring together past and present up on the big screen in order to underscore the organic continuity between generations and artistic traditions.
I have no doubt that the international jury will award the most deserving films; however, it is the love and attention of our audience that is paramount. It is for this loving audience of ours, for our faithful friends who have been with the festival throughout all these years experiencing the pleasure of interesting and artistically important works of cinema, that we have prepared this cinematic fest with a lot of joy, responsibility and care.
Let's make the 24th edition of the festival "Love is Folly" into a real celebration of great art.



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