Halls in FCC


                                                FESTIVAL  AND  CONGRESS  CENTRE

Room 1 /Main Room/

Room 1 is the place where almost all the festivals in the city have their official opening and closing ceremonies, as well as their most prestigious events. Appropriate for classic and rock concerts, theatre performances, convention events.  Regular cinema screenings.

Automatically movable screen 20/ 12 m. Screenings  on  70, 35, 16 mm.  Multimedia. DOLBY XSR digital sound equipment.

Multipurpose capacity - 871 or 1011 seats, depending on the needs of the event and the dimensions of the stage. Amphitheatre.

Normal stage dimensions – 20/8 m. Extended stage dimensions – 20/14 m. 2 hydraulically shifting sections capable of being arranged on different levels.

53 –  register pipe concert organ Schuke Orgelbau.  4  grand pianos.

DMX lighting system – 12 moving heads + 50 stage lighting current circuits, commanded by computer Illusion 500. 

Two-regime  acoustics maintained by automatic shifting wall panels.

24 – channel  sound system,  7000 W.


Room 2 /Europe Room/

Hall 2 is a chamber amphitheatre, seating 239 people. Excellent  facilities  for chamber concerts, theatre performances, congress & convention events. Regular cinema screenings. Automatically movable screen 11/8 m. Screening on 35 and 16 mm. Multimedia. DOLBY STEREO  equipment. Stage dimensions 12.00/5.00 m.
Grand piano. Wooden walls and excellent natural acoustics for chamber concerts.
48 current circuits.



Room 4 /Press Conference Room/


The room seats up to 130 people. Appropriate for press conferences, congress & convention events, presentations, exhibitions, cocktails.
Flat wooden floor permitting the arrangement of the hall in the standard types of Classroom, Hollow oval, U-shape, Discussion Groups with head table optional or in any other way needed by the situation.

Movable Café-bar in the hall itself.



Rooms 5 and 6

Room 5 or 6 seats up to 40 persons. Shape Classroom of the hall for small convention events: training and negotiations.
Comfortable for screenings on 35 mm; fixed screen; multimedia.








Rooms 7 and 8

Room 7 or 8 seats up to 40 people. Appropriate for small convention events: discussions, training, negotiations, presentations.
Multimedia. Fixed screen.

Room Club 33

Room Club 33 seats up to 50 people. Appropriate for small convention events: discussions, training, negotiations, presentations.






In the main foyer is situated the biggest bookshop in North-East Bulgaria.
The multifunctional flexibility of the Ticket Centre foyer can be used for exhibitions, poster sessions, image presentations, corporative party and others. 
Adjasent foyers to room Europe, Press conference room, room 5 and room 6.







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