Yellow Submarine
Year: 1968
Production: Other

Yellow Submarine - United Kingdom, 1968, 90 min., animation
Director: George Dunning

Based on a story by Lee Minoff, upon the song by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

In a magical world the colorful music country Pepperland is invaded by the Blue Meanies, which impose silence and greyness. The Lord Mayor send the conductor Fred on board of a yellow submarine to search for help. The submarine get stranded near Liverpool. There Fred meets “The Beatles”, who agrees to follow the hardships along the way and accompany him to Pepperland. When they begin to play, the inhabitants gradually returns theor colors and beat off the forces of hate and sadness. The failure of Blue Meanies is total.
Picturesque equivavent of world of “The Beatles”, true to their spirit, Yellow Submarine is a masterpiece, which appears in 1968 as an anthology of all animation technics. The group’s songs became spellbinding illustrations, fitting quiet naturally in an “impossible trip”, which surrealistic inspiration is the modern at that tome psychedelia.

Special Award from the American Society of Film Critics for feature-length animation
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