Year: 2018
Production: Bulgarian

THE TIME IS OURS - Bulgaria, 2018, 124 min
Script: Stanislav Semerdjiev
Director: Peter Popzlatev
Cinematography: Stefan Ivanov
Music: Kalin Nikolov
Cast: Rushen Vidinliev, Elena Telbis, Leonid Yovchev, Irini Jambonas, Itzhak Fintzi, Krasimir Dokov, Ivaylo Hristov, Svetlana Yancheva, Valentin Ganev
Production: Post Scriptum 2 Film Production - Peter Popzlatev
Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center
Contact: ps2.films@yahoo.com
Writer Martin Sestrimsky and Secret Service agent Boyan Tilev got to know each other on the day when Martin gave Tilev a special dossier of grave consequences, which the writer has tried to surmount. With the ousting from power of Todor Zhivkov’s totalitarian regime, their relations take a new turn, when Tilev’s stepdaughter, Nevena, a mysterious young woman of double identity steps in. While Tilev is making a fortune from illicit deals, Sestrimsky, encouraged by Nevena, is doing his best to reconcile to his past. The truth of the two men’s shared past will come to light.
Peter Popzlatev is a director/writer/producer; Graduated from Louis Lumière Film Institute (1978), Paris; Debut documentary Hard Choice; his feature debut I, The Countess (1989) received European Jury’s Best Feature Film, Best International Film, Toronto
IFF, the top prize at Angers, the Jury Prize, Milan, etc.; director/producer of Something in the Air (Bulgaria/France), winner of the European Film Distributors Award, Cannes 1993; And God Came to See Us (2002): Best Director, Best Literary Adaptation, Critic’s Award, Golden Rose 2004; I Am You (2012), Best Director, Jury’s Top Prize, Best Actress, Critic’s Award, Golden Rose 2012, Best Director, Bulgarian Film Academy Awards 2013.
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