The dirty bastard
The dirty bastard
Theatre play By Jordi Galceran

Director: Plamen Panev
Scenography: Nikolay Nikolov
Translation: Neva Micheva
Cast: Svetlana Bonin, Asen Blatechki, Nikolay Urumov, Hristo Bonin

The situation is quite obvious at first glance - one man is waiting for a job interview together with other people. But who are they actually?

Plamen Plamenov directs the dialogues and the psychological chess game between the characters in this new play by Galceran. The atmosphere in the play is thich with subtle humor and exact observations on the human psyche, the distrust and the loss of contact between people and the competition among coworkers. But as we climb the social ladder individually, we often turn our backs on much more important things. So what is the cost of "going upward"? The answers are given by Svetlana Bonin, Asen Blatechki, Nikolay Urumov, Hristo Bonin.

The performance is in Bulgarian language
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