Year: 2018
Production: Bulgarian

REVOLUTION X: The Movie - Bulgaria, 2018
Director: Dimitar Gochev
Cast: Daniel Angelov, Dimitar Berbatov, Gery-Nikol Georgieva, Bashar Rahal, Alexander Sano, Boyko Krastanov, Mona Gocheva, Ivan Ivanov

The "Revolution X" cultural group is leaving on its first major tour of the sea, but the producer forces Bobby and Philippe a new vocalist - the popular singer in GERI - NIKOL, which everyone in the group is irritating. Guy Bobby-Mira's girlfriend was taken off as a soloist and forced to join the school camp at the 197th High School along with Philippe's boyfriend Chrisie. The two couples plan to see each other in secret and make a romantic vacation, but the director of the Tsekov school has a plan for his trip. He has invited an inspector from the ministry to impress him and get the desired "Director of the Year" title, but the Inspector's presence complicates the lives of everyone. Problems also arise from another location - the bus driver is a drug dealer who spends cocaine and does not want to exchange the drug bag with Guitarist Bobby's. After the shipment, there are two petty criminals who intend to steal her. They kidnap Gerry-Nicole and want the drug in return.
After a series of comic situations in the camp, the drug was destroyed by Director Tsekov, and their youth had to invent another, cunning way to release the vocalist Gery. Together with the teachers, they replace the commodity and organize the exchange. At this point, however, the Bus Driver intervenes, who takes them hostage to a pleasure boat and asks them to return the drug. Physicist Savov manages to save Gerry himself and releases the hostages together. They are all together and happy, and Tsekov protects children in front of the Inspector at the price of the dreamed title. The holiday ends with the participation of "Revolution X" at the rock festival.
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