My Friends / Amici miei
Year: 1975
Production: European

My Friends / Amici miei - Italy, 1975, 114 min
Director: Mario Monicelli
Cast: Ugo Tognazzi (Lello Mascetti), Philippe Noiret (Giorgio Perozzi), Gastone Moschin (Rambaldo Melandri), Duilio Del Prete (Necchi), Adolfo Celi (Dr. Sassaroli), Bernard Blier (Righi Niccolo), Olga Karlatos (Donatella Sassaroli), Silvia Dionisio (Titti), Milena Vukotic (Alice Mascetti)

A group of friends – Lello Mascetti, Giorgio Perozzi, Rambaldo Melandri, Dr. Sassaroli and Necchi - is making fun of and playing jokes on friends or unsuspecting citizens. The subconscious engine of all their pranks is their desire to keep old age and death as far away as possible. The story is conceived by the doyen if Italian comedy Pietro Germi (Divorce Italian Style), who could not make it into a film before his death and left it to Mario Monicelli. He in his turn moved the action from Bologna to Florence and invited three more screenwriters including Tullio Pinelli, co-author with Fellini of La Dolce vita and 8 1/2. The film is in a way the last sigh of comedy a la italiana. The innovative approach of Моничели is marked by sarcasm through which he exposes the problems of an unsatisfied society from the late 60s to the early 80s. In this context our “champions” have nothing else to do but to transform their hidden fears and frustrations into rather crazy pranks.

2 awards “David di Donatello” – for best film and actor to Ugo Tognazzi

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