from Sheba Dobroplodni

Directed by: Michael Petrov
Starring: Anton Radichev, Elena Kuneva, Dejan Machev Milena Atanasova, Veselin Rankov Plamen Syrakov

"Michal Mishkoed" is the first Bulgarian play. And when Sava Dobroplodni wrote it hardly suggests that in the twenty-first century, it will sound modern and up to date. Performance will make every viewer in the room to laugh over the paradox that for so many years, the mentality, customs and characteristics of the Bulgarians have not changed much. It has its optimistic message, served with lots of humor and virtuoso acting - and the most difficult moment, we must hope that will happen a good thing.
Michael, one of the wealthy residents of the town, is in love with the pretty girl Radka. Naive and gupovat old bachelor tending to 50, he wants at all costs to marry her. End buy Michal rotate flatterers matchmaker, assuring him that she loves him. He is generous and extravagant and blindly trust their words that will persuade him to take. And Radka and no concept that buy Michal fades in her ...
The performance is in Bulgarian language
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