I Feel Good
Year: 2018
Production: European

I Feel Good - France, 2018, 103 min
Directors and screenwriters: Benoit Delepine and Gustave Kervern
Cast: Jean Dujardin (Jacques Pora), Yolande Moreau (Monique Pora), Jo Dahan (Manu), Lou Castel (Gregory), Jean-Benoit Ugeux (Vincent)

Jean Dujardin plays Jacques, a clueless chancer obsessed with finding the project that will make him rich; deciding that the answer lies in offering cut-price quickie cosmetic surgery, he leads his big-hearted, socially conscious sister Monique on a journey to Bulgaria. She’s den mother of a community where homeless people work at recycling used goods, and part of the film’s originality is that it casts real-life residents of one of France’s famous Emmaüs centres, playing themselves (and sometimes offering off-beat musical accompaniment). Vividly coloured and brazenly mischievous as ever, I Feel Good is celebratory, gleefully surreal – and more than lives up to its title.
Jonathan Romney

Locarno – Piazza Grande

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