Year: 2016
Production: Bulgarian

HRISTO - Bulgaria, Italy, 2016, 99'
Directors: Grigor Lefterov, Todor Matsanov
Cast: Dimitar Nikolov, Dimitar Krumov, Julian Vergov, Lubomir Neikov, Dimitar Rachkov
Language: Bulgarian
Subtitles: English

Hristo is a former homeless boy who managed to find a job and rent a place. He would do anything to get a normal living. Despite his hard work one day he gets fired and he is forced to go back to living on the streets. Time passes by in unsuccessfully trying to find a new job. Life gets tougher in the winter and he hits the limits of surviving. One night he almost kills a man in order to take his job. All goes well until at one point he faces a choice - to save the life of his friend, or lose his job again.
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