Theatre play by St. L. Kostov 

Directed by: Georgi Stoilov
Cast: Lyubo Neikov, Miroslav Kosev, Maria Statulova, Stefan Ryadkov, Elena Petrova, Svetlana Bonin

Golemanov  is a very popular play, it is a character that generalizes a type of people, a breed of people, a breed of Golemanov. These people what to achieve a certain realization in society. We are not only looking at ladder-clibmers, but also at the energy invested in the undertaking. Why shouldn’t a young and smart person want to advance? We are looking also for the, so to speak, justification, in order to understand why pople reach this twist, this collapse of a whole world, sacrificed to a goal. This should say plenty to contemporary people, ambition should not be something bad, something ugly, something that is fundamentally renounced. But where does this clash take place – the means you use to realize a wish, and to what extent is your pure wish violated and knocked down by the dirty means that you use.

The performance is in Bulgarian language
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