Chinese Traditional Music concert 2019
January, 21st - Hall 1 - 7 pm

Chinese Tradition Music concert, which is presented by Gansu Dance Troupe 
National Symphony《Strolling through Gansu》
Performance:Gansu dance troupe national orchestra
Chapter structure
Preface     Celebration
Composer    Zhao Jiping
2.Lovely roses                           
Composer    Gu Guanren
3.Suona Solo 《Loess slope》                                              
 Composer  Zhou Dongzhao
Previous Chapter     Charming flying apsaras
4.Crescent spring story(Excerpt from national symphony "Dunhuang")                                        
Composer     Han Lankui
5.Flying apsaras(Excerpt from national symphony "Dunhuang"
  Composer    Zhao Jiping
Intermediate Chapter     Colourful Gansu
6. Beautiful flowers,   Herdsmen's new song                                                                                                        
7.Ensemble instrument《Alamuhan》
Lower Chapter      Silk Road Spring
8.Remote emotion(Excerpt from suite "Qiaojia courtyard" chapter sixth)
Composer    Zhao Jiping
9.Erhu solo《Ripe grapes》                  
  Composer   Zhou Wei
10.Silk road                                  
Composer   Jiang Ying
Curtain Finale Blooming flowers and round moon》 《Maira
Introduction of National Symphony
《Strolling through Gansu》
This is a symbol with a special imprint from every national musician's heart, achievement, brilliance, moving ..., climbing to the peak, paying tribute to the glory.
2.Lovely roses
The music shows the harmonious picture of Kazakh herdsmen playing Dongbula, singing a new life and running to happiness.
3.Loess slope
The music takes LongDong folk music as the background, describes the great changes that have taken place in the new countryside since China's reform and opening up.
4.Crescent spring story
She was a curved crescent moon falling from the sky, and an inexhaustible clear spring of thousands years. Sparkling waves were clear,and breeze blew into wonderland. The raging sandstorm was deterred in front of her, and the harsh desert was gentle with her. Day after day, year after day, she told her own story to infiltrate many business Camel teams, and the thirsty hearts of travelers.
5.Flying apsaras
In the rustling string music, many ethereal and graceful flying apsarases dance in the air, their postures are soft and dexterous, their faces are kind and wise. The long bands flutter and travel just like a rainbow. Where there are flying apsarases, there are radiant and auspicious views. They bring light, happiness, eternal comforts and hopes to the world.
6.Beautiful flowers
(1)"Hua er" is a kind of folk minor, widely spreads in the Northwest Territories, melodies are warm and unrestrained with distinct national characteristics. The contents describe the tremendous changes that have taken place in ethnic minority areas after the reform and opening up, and show the joy of the people's happy new life.
(2)Herdsmen's new song
The music shows the beautiful scenery of Inner Mongolia grassland and the vibrant and gratifying scene on the ranch, and expresses the beautiful and harmonious spirit of the herdsmen in the new era.
The music is spread in Turpan region, Xinjiang, is a famous Xinjiang folk song, and shows the enthusiasm and showy of Uygur girls.
8.Remote emotion
"Symphony Suite-Qiaojia courtyard" is in the form of national symphony to express the spirit of Shanxi businessmen, which combines varieties of musical elements. In addition to the traditional national musical instruments, it also combines with the symphony orchestra, so the Chinese and Western music art blend perfectly.
9.Ripe grapes
The music vividly depicts the people in the western part of China singing and dancing in the season of grape harvest with distinct national characteristics. The melody is fresh and beautiful, the style is rich and unique, the rhythm is bright and refreshing, the emotion is warm and outgoing, and the artistic charm is strong .
10.Silk road
"Silk Road" is a national orchestral music of distinctive western style, shows the colourful musical culture of the Silk Road. The melody is warm, unrestrained, magnificent, and is full of various regional characteristics.
The Troupe was founded in 1961, focused on directing  and  performing  DunHuang dance & music.
Since the 1960s, the troupe has produced a great number of dance programs including Song of the Harp, Dunhuang Ancient Music, Lightly Snow-feather River, and Pegasus. The troupe also presents large-scale dance theater works based on the legendary Dunhuang frescoes, cave paintings dating back centuries; these works include Charm of Dunhuang, Apsaras, Pretty Women of Hu Nationality, Xiliang Dance, Reverse Playing Pipa, and Avalokitesvara.  Created by Gansu Dance Troupe , Silk Road is a masterpiece of Chinese dance theater, reflecting profound influences of Chinese dance traditions as well as the history of the region.
The Troupe has won many majoy national awards, and over forty provincial awards. It has toured to more than 30 countries and numerous regions for foreign cultural exchange programs. The Troupe was jointly awarded the title of National Advanced Cultural Institution by Ministry of Culture, P.R.China In 1995. Be chosen as Advanced collective by Gansu government in 2011, be named as Advanced collective by Gansu women's federation in 2011, be named as Advanced collective by National women's federation in 2012.
The Troupe currently has 260 staff members, and includes a dance group, orchestra, stage decor studio, audio and video production department, decor design studio, dance education institution, and children’s arts training institution.
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