Year: 2018
Production: Bulgarian

ATTRACTION - Bulgaria, 2018, 118 min

Script:Yana Marinova, Borislav Zahariev, Georgi Angelov, AleksandarChobanov
Music: Nedy John Cross, Vasil Ivanov – Dexter
Cast:Yana Marinova, Alexander Sano, Louisa Grigorova–Makariev, Koina Ruseva, Radina Borshoch, Zhivko Simeonov, Bashar Rahal and VladoPenev
Production:Spirit Production House – YanaMarinova, Indiefilm– Bashar Rahal
Supported by
NOVATelevision, Lenta NOVA Broadcasting Group,
Contact:Yana Marinova,+359888891902, .yanamarinova17@gmail.com
Lora Angelova, a young history teacher is torn between her past asa professional dancing competitor and her love for teaching. Everythinglooks great until she applies for the post of headmistress and so does herambitious colleague.Meanwhile the school gets a new music teacher. Who will he chooseto side with? A month before the prom night Lora needs to prove that the right choice comes with a price. It’s hard but it’s worth it.
Martin Makariev studied Film and Television in Germany. Director of 2 seasons of the Undercover Bulgarian TV series. His feature debut Roseville won numerous nominations and Best Picture Awards. His romantic comedy Attraction is the highest grossing movie of 2018  in Bulgaria.
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