Year: 2018
Production: Bulgarian

Bulgaria, 2018, 97 min
Script: Niki Iliev
Director: Niki Iliev
Cinematography: Boris Slavkov
Music: Dimitar Velichkov–Schmidt
Cast: Gary Dourdan, Orliv Pavlov, Sanya Borisova, Bahsar Rahal, Diana Lubenova, James Tumminia, Alexander Kadiev and Georgi Staikov
Production: Euro Dialog
LTD – Niki Iliev, Yan Yanev, Sanya Borisova, Tsvetelin Dimitrov, James Tumminia
Co-production: bTV Studios
Contact: niki.iliev.films@gmail.com
When Aaron, an ex-fighter, turns to music after years of being knocked around and left with permanent mental disabilities, he falls for Jana, an off-centred Bulgarian immigrant living in New York. Jana’s brother, Bobby, an up and coming wannabe fighter, decides to convince her she is crazy, in order to get Aaron back in the ring against him.
NIKI ILIEV studied Filmmaking and Acting at NBU. He played in a number of Bulgarian and foreign film and theatre productions. His directorial debut, The Foreigner (2012) won him the People’s Choice Award at Golden Rose 2012; the highest grossing movie of 2012 in Bulgaria. His sophomore feature Living Legends scooped 11 awards at home and abroad and was the highest grossing movie of 2014 in Bulgaria.
Festivals & Awards: New York Independent
IFF 2018; See Fest Berlin 2018; Best Actor (Gary Dourdan), See Fest Paris 2018; Guadeloupe IFF 2018; Ischia IFF 2018; Best Screenplay Feature, Los AngelesIndependent Film Awards
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