an opera in four acts by Giuseppe Verdi to libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni
ConductorSvetoslav Borisov
Director Kuzman Popov
Artist Lora Marinova
Choir conductor Tsvetan Krumov
ChoreographyKalina Bogoeva
The King of Egypt – Geo Chobanov
Aida - Dragana Radakovic
Amneris - Daniela Dyakova
Radames - Valeriy Georgiev
Ramfis - Ivaylo Djurov
Amonasro – SvilenNikolov
A messenger – Hristo Ganevski
Voice of the High Priestess – Galina Velikova
Performed in Italian with the text in Bulgarian and English
The opera Aida was written for the ceremony of the opening of the Suez Canal. The creation of the libretto was the work of four authors. The first was Edouard Mariette, a French historian and Egyptologist, who prepared the scenario basing it on a legend, decoded from a papyrus. The second, Camille du Locle, wrote the operatic text in prose. The third, Antonio Ghislanzoni – journalist, poet and singer – wrote the Italian libretto in verses. The fourth was Verdi himself. Since 1871, when it was performed in Egypt, it has been one of the most performed titles by the Italian maestro.  
The part of Aida is played by Serbian soprano Dragana Radakovic. She got a master’s degree from the Music academy in Belgrade: VocalArts in the class of Prof. Radmila Bakocevic and Conducting in the class of Prof. Stanko Sepic. She specialized in master classes given by Renata Scotto, Mirella Freni, Magda Olivero and Bruna Baglioni. During the last few years she has had successful participations at the Belgrade Opera, in Slovenia – Maribor and at the International Festival in Ljubliana, at the Summer Music Festival in  Oderzo, Italy, at the Romanian opera theaters in  Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta and  Sibiu, Munich, Dortmund, Wolfsburg, Saarbrucken and  Frankfurt. In 2013 she took part with the Zurich Philharmonic Orchestra in a concert dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Verdi’s birth. In 2014 she guest-performed at the Summer Festival in Schwerin (Germany) and opened the new season at the Cairo Opera, playing the part of Aida. In 2016 she debuted in Sidney, Australia, in the part of Turandot.
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