Year: 2018
Production: Bulgarian

"9+1" - Bulgaria, 2918, 6.19 min, debut
Script: Daniel Simeonov, Hristiyan Hristov
Director: Daniel Simeonov
Cinematography: Milena Stoykova
Cast: Alberto Hristov, Vanessa Dacheva, Laetitia Atanassova, Melinda Mincheva, Nikoleta Grozeva, Preslava Youlianova, Radosveta Parashkevova, Alexandra Vassileva, Miroslav Iskrenov, Hrisiyan Hristov
Production: Arte Urbana Collectif – Vassilena Badzharova
Co-production: Turandot, Studio Torex – Milena Stoikova
Supported by Titan AD, Nu Boyana
Contacts: + 359897 296377, turandot_films@abv.bg, http://www.arteurbanacollectif.com/#
The end of the world. People perished, but a few children survived, hiding in the woods. They create a new world in their camp, with their own rules and laws. Those nine would soon realise that they are not alone.
Daniel Simeonov studied Film Directing at NBU. His bachelor thesis project was the short documentary Close; directed a couple of student films and TV commercials; writer of the short Maybe; film reviewer, collaborator for a couple of film festivals. His first solo photo exhibition Close to the Middle East was displayed at the Picture House, Sofia. Currently a teacher, his students took part in 9+1.

RUNAWAY SMARTPHONE - Bulgaria, 2018, 90 min. 
Director: Maxim Genchev
Cast: Simeon Filipov, Matey Genchev, Vasilena Stoyanova

Three teenagers are trying to raise money for the treatment of a child. While they’re seeking a buried treasure, a magic Smartphone transfers them into the past, amidst fearful forest people. They meet with adventures and life threatening dangers there. While saving themselves, they transport into the future two of the natives and their adventures continue together.

Director’s Biography
Maxim Genchev is an award winning Bulgarian film director, writer and actor. He is born on the 28th of September 1954 in Bulgaria. Maxim graduated in the Bulgarian National Film and Theatre Academy Kr. Sarafov in 1980 under Professor Kr. Azarian. He worked 20 years as an actor in major Bulgarian theaters and over 30 international and national film productions and TV series. In 2007 he started his career as a film director and writer: Runaway Smartphone (2018), Review of Inner Spaces (2017), Inches from the Ground (2016), Levski (2015), Intruder (2010), On the Sidewalk Throne (2010, documentary), The Gerak’s Family (2008). For the film Levski Maxim holds the awards for Best Historical Drama in Artisan Festival International Cannes World Cinema Initiative 2015, Best Film Editor in Feature Film in Darbhanga International Film Festival 2017 and the National Award for Excellence in Film Acting Lyubimetz 13 2015 in Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria (shared with the rest of the film’s cast).

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